non citizen land



Non Citizen Land “From Latvia to Ukraine”


Director: Philippe Mac Gaw


87 minutes


Country: France, Latvia


Year: 2015


English, Russian


ABout: While Ukraine is fighting to get away from Russian influence, what does the Latvian “Non-Citizen” teach us, with its 300 000 Russian-speakers wound up into the recesses of History ? I met the main character Sergey in Riga in 2012. Surgeon and researcher, he was defending his work in a medical congress. With his gentle eyes, his Docteur Zhivago’s face he would conqueer any person in the audience. Two years later I met a different man, in Donetsk in the middle of the Ukrainian conflict. He volunteered in an hospital in Lugansk to provide the first help to the independentists soldiers. As the film carries us forward in the East and in Ukraine, the issue no longer revolves around rights, or the freedom of choice; but around memories, broken dreams, survival and the war. A people trying to exist without renouncing their identity within a country which may have traded its soul too fast for the delusion of a manufactured happiness made in the West. The journey begins in Latvia, with its non-citizens, as if lost at sea and stuck between East and West. Since 1991, the small country showcases chapters of post-Soviet European history. Yet Latvia is a member of the European Union since 2004, and became the head of EEC of 2015.



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